Hello there!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my new blog Haute & Healthy Living! I am sooo excited to finally have it up and running! It definitely has been a work in progress. The idea for this blog actually stemmed several years ago when I first became a Registered Dietitian, which really wasn’t that long ago, but for some reason it seems like I’ve been dreaming up this little vision of mine for ages!

Anyways. Moving along. Anyone who knows me knows that I am EXTREMELY passionate about what I do. I am not kidding when I say that I wake up and go to bed thinking about nutrition, food and fitness… and occasionally cake. You gotta have the balance, right?

I have always had that urge to spread my passion for healthy living to everyone around me whether it’s in the grocery store, the gym, the mall, family get togethers, or in this case, the form of a healthy lifestyle blog.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. You have to be passionate about living healthfully in order to become a Dietitian. That’s your job. But the truth is, that’s not the reason why the whole concept of healthy living excites me so much.

Several years ago, I wasn’t what I (or anyone else for that matter) would consider to be a super healthy person. I ate a lot of junk and convenience foods, exercised off and on, suffered a number of injuries and lived with a lot of stress (mostly due to school). It was during my Masters program (probably the busiest time of my life!) that I really started cleaning up my act and putting in the time and effort to fill my body with unprocessed wholesome foods and exercise on a consistent basis. And woah baby, did it ever make a difference! It went way beyond a fad or a temporary “meh” kind of change. It became my permanent way of life! And I have been addicted to that healthy mode of living ever since.

I currently work as a Supermarket Dietitian where I do cool things like take kids on nutrition field trips in the grocery store and whip up healthy recipes for customers. But during these daily activities, I receive some odd comments from time to time. Comments like… “if I come to see you, am I going to starve or have to eat like a rabbit?” or…..”You’re a DIETitian, eh? Does that mean you’re gonna put me on a diet??”

The answer to all of these questions is very simple. No. No. And no. You are not going to have to convert into a bunny rabbit living strictly on greens, nor do I believe in starvation or fad-diets. I am actually completely against them!

What I am here to do, however, is to demonstrate that healthy living can actually be delicious, fun and trendy! Once you start whipping up some creative concoctions in the kitchen and develop a consistent fitness routine, you actually start to realize the beauty of healthy living, in that, #1 It is actually quite fun #2 It can make you look and feel amazing! #3 You can serve as an inspiration to others and pour out more love and happiness to those around you!

Sounds like a pretty amazing deal to me.

Now, besides nutrition and fitness, I also happen to love food photography, making things (basically anything from food to bedrooms to myself and others) stylish and pretty, and giving back to others on a regular basis. I’m sure you will see evidence of all of my passions from time to time infiltrating into my posts. I hope this blog serves as an inspiration to you for all of your recipe, fitness, beauty and style requirements or whatever other needs you might have!

I look forward to sharing my passion and love for healthy living with you! Stay tuned!

Health, love & happiness,

Elysia, XOXO