This little blush bedroom is the perfect feminine escape. The prettiest little room you ever did see!

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

So I mentioned that I’ve been on a major decorating kick lately.

Yeah. Well it hasn’t stopped.

I actually think it’s getting worse.

When I was younger, I was always a tad crafty, but nothing to write home about.

I would make my own cards and colour, but that was about it.

Lately though?

I’ve become borderline OBSESSED with DIY projects and decorating.

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

So. Much. Fun.

I love it because it unleashes my creative side. I get to dream up all of these pretty ideas, and then get to work creating them!

Take this little bedroom for example.

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

In Matt’s new house, he has three bedrooms. One is his bedroom, the other is his office, and the other was pretty much empty.

He basically gave me permission to do whatever I wanted to the “other room.”

It didn’t take me long to get to work.

I made it my personal mission to transform that room into the prettiest little room ever.

It all started with this gorgeous picture that I saw one day while walking through Leon’s Home Furniture store. Basically, it’s a big picture of a wedding dress with sparkles and bling.

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

Totally me.

Now, some might think that I was secretly hinting about getting married with the whole wedding dress thing. But I totally wasn’t.

I swear.

I just fell in love with the picture.

But I wouldn’t complain about the getting married part ;)

As soon as I saw that beauty of a picture, I immediately starting having visions of the colour blush, white, nude, pretty peonies and shiny accessories.

Pink Bedroom 13

Such a girl, right?

I created the flower arrangement for less than $30 by picking up a vase at Home Sense, and ordering the flowers from amazon. So much cheaper when you make your own flower arrangement. Plus, you can customize it to look EXACTLY how you want it to look.

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

I found the rest of my accessories like the crystal candle holders, silver Eiffel Tower, blush throw, mirror and pretty pillows at Home Sense (my favourite place of all-times!!). And I got the tall pink candles at Michael’s. Bouclair is also one of my favourite décor and furniture stores to shop for home accessories. You gotta check out their amazing stuff!

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

I instantly fell in love with that little room. Love at first sight.

I’m pretty sure Matt did too, even though he won’t fully admit it. I have caught him peeking in there though, so I totally know he loves it too.

Blush Bedroom Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

He calls it my “boudoir” and I call it my princess room.

Just like guys get their man cave, a girl’s gotta have her own space too, right?!

That’s my philosophy anyways.

Aren’t you just LOVING the blush?!

Elysia, XOXO