A beautiful living room makeover…just in time for Christmas!

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

I can hardly believe that Christmas is in a little over two weeks! It doesn’t feel like it at all with the weather we’ve been getting lately, but I’m definitely not complaining.

This year, Christmas is especially big because it also marks the time that my whole entire life is going to change. Like I mean COMPLETELY change.

In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to my job, my home, my family and the community where I was raised and starting a brand new life in a brand new place.

I kind of feel like these snowmen. One is rejoicing…the other one looks a little terrified. That’s me right about now…

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

As much as it will be difficult to leave all of this behind, I’m also very lucky to have found a guy worth moving for, who also happens to be very smart (and cute!) and decided to buy a beautiful house several months ago. I’m not gonna lie. At the time, I didn’t 100% understand why he did it, but now I’m totally glad he did.

You might have seen me refer to Matt’s house throughout my decorating posts….BUT now, I’m excited to announce that it will be my home too!

With all of the decorating I’ve been doing over the past few months in the house, it’s pretty much like I’ve already moved in. But now I’m OFFICIALLY moving in! Eeeek!

This was the first year that we’ve had an actual house to decorate ourselves (without living in our parents’ house), so we had to buy a Christmas tree and some decorations to get us started. Of course, I didn’t mind at all since I love shopping..and decorating.

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

Between Michaels, Home Sense and the Dollar Store, we managed to pick up pretty much everything that we needed to get us in the holiday spirit. Not bad for our first year, right?

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

Now I’m all about glamming it up for the holidays….and every season as you may have noticed. So I insisted that we needed some shiny and sparkly decorations for the wow factor.

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

When I asked Matt if he liked all of the decorations, he said that he loved it BUT also felt that something was missing.


He insisted that we definitely needed Santa for that traditional Christmas feel.

How could we possibly forget Santa?!

Now I’ve always loved Santa too, so I didn’t argue too much about having him hang out in the living room.

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

The fireplace mantel was my favourite part to decorate since it can be seen right from the front door and as soon as you come down the stairs.

I definitely wanted it to be pretty.

Christmas Living Room Makeover | Haute & Healthy Living

It’s so magical in the living room…especially at night time when the little twinkling lights are all turned on and the fire place is burning. I’ll be sad to take it all down!

But for now, I’m going to enjoy this exciting time and look forward to moving into my new home!!

Hope you’re all having a great time getting in the Christmas spirit!

Elysia, XOXO