This Christmas DIY project is so simple and creative! All you need is an apothecary jar, some fake snow and little decorative Christmas objects of your choice!

DIY Christmas Apothecary Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

Lately I’ve been all over Pinterest exploring lots of fun DIY projects for the Christmas season.

I have LISTS of projects that I would like to tackle, but unfortunately, I only have so much time to work on these little crafts. AND, as we all know, Christmas comes and goes pretty darn quick! So I decided to spread out the DIY love and work on a few projects every year….rather than all at once.

These days, I’ve been loving apothecary jars. I’m absolutely fascinated by all that you can do with them.

Fill them with pretty decorations, put flowers in them, put gems in them OR put little decorative snowmen inside!

How cute are they?!

DIY Christmas Apothecary Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

When it comes to DIY projects, I like something that’s quick and easy.

And these Christmas apothecary jars couldn’t get any simpler.

First, I went on a quest to find some fake snow. I was planning on using some coarse salt, but when I was browsing in the dollar store, I happened to notice some of this vase filler. I thought it looked like little ice crystals.


DIY Christmas Apothecary Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

Next, I was planning to put a little sparkly house ornament in the jar with little sparkly birch trees that I once again found at……you guessed it…….the dollar store.

BUT when I tried to put the house in the jar, it didn’t fit into the hole!

So onto plan B.

My mom had these cute little decorative snowmen that she wasn’t using, so I decided to plop the little snowmen inside the jar. I knew these guys would fit.

DIY Christmas Apothecary Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

In fact, they all looked like they were having such a jolly good time in the jar that I decided to make it their new home! :)

DIY Christmas Apothecary Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

Here is what you need to make your own Christmas Apothecary Jar:

  • Apothecary jar
  • Vase filler or course salt
  • Little Christmas themed decorations

Just make sure that your decorative items it fit inside the jar! ;)


Elysia, XOXO