This DIY project transforms a meaningful card into a pretty print that you can display in your home! Perfect for a bedroom or office space!

Over the past few years, my mom and I started the tradition of buying the prettiest cards possible for each other on special occasions. Why? Because you can frame them afterwards and make some super pretty prints for your home! Rather than shove the card in a box in the basement never to be seen again, why not make it into a pretty print that can be displayed in your home!

Take this Hallmark card for example.

It had “super pretty print “written all over it, so I couldn’t help but purchase it after eyeing it for a few weeks in the store. I also had some white and silver sparkly chevron washi tape kicking around that was leftover from my wedding. When I held the chevron tape up to the card, I thought it would make the perfect border! Match made in heaven.

Here are the supplies I used to assemble the print:


Take the glass out of the frame, and cut four small pieces of double-sided tape. Turn the card so the back of the card is facing upwards and stick the tape to each of the four corners on the card.

Stick the card to the front of the glass, ensuring that the four corners line up with the corners of the glass and the card is straight. Next, place washi tape around the edge of the card so that it forms a border and secures the card it to the glass.

Next, take the back off the picture frame. Insert the card stuck to the glass into the frame. Place the back onto the frame so that the glass and card are secure. You now have a gorgeous card print to put on display. Such a nice way to showcase your favourite cards!


Elysia, XOXO