These DIY Mason storage jars are an attractive way to organize items like Q-tips, cotton balls, and bath salts. Plus they’re simple and affordable to make! Perfect for the bathroom or bedroom!

DIY Mason Storage Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

So a couple of weeks ago, I went to Home Depot five times in one week.

I’m not even joking.

When I was a kid, my dad used to drag us into Home Depot because he was always looking for supplies for all of his home renovation projects. After that experience, I never thought I would actually go into Home Depot deliberately.

Or five times in one week.

Times have changed.

But in my defense, I did have a good reason to go THAT many times.

I was working on a whole bunch of DIY projects and fell in love with these crystal knobs.

DIY Mason Storage Jars | Haute & Healthy Living


I went to Home Depot for knobs.

Apparently they can only be found at Home Depot because I couldn’t find them for the life of me anywhere else.

The problem is, every time I thought I had enough knobs, I realized that I needed more knobs for another project.

First I got some for a cabinet makeover (I’ll post that in the next few weeks!).

Then I wanted some knobs for my bed because I didn’t like the ugly black IKEA knobs.

And then I thought maybe I should pick up some extras “just in case.”

And THEN, while I was in the process of doing a bathroom makeover, I decided that I wanted to make some DIY storage jars.

DIY Mason Storage Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

I had been eyeing those apothecary jars but I couldn’t justify forking out $40 plus for a glass jar. Especially since I wanted three of them!

So I got inspired on Pinterest to create my own little storage jars.

Pinterest to the rescue…again.

I ran out and got three small round-ish mason jars and spray painted the outside of the lids with white spray paint.

Now this is something that I didn’t do, but I would definitely do it next time. I strongly recommend that you glue the round part of the jar lid to the inside of the rim before spray painting. And DON’T spray paint the side of the lid that screws onto the jar, or it will be difficult to open and close it.

Next, once the paint was dry, I glued the crystal knobs onto the centre of the lids with a crazy glue that adheres to metal. And then let it dry!

Next, I filled the jars with Q-tips, cotton balls and some lavender Epsom salt.

DIY Mason Storage Jars | Haute & Healthy Living

They look so pretty all lined up in the bathroom! And I didn’t have to break the bank to create them.


So here is the list of supplies!

  • Mason Jars with lids
  • White Spray Paint
  • Glue
  • Crystal knobs

Enjoy these pretty little storage jars! They come in handy!

DIY Mason Storage Jars | Haute & Healthy Living Elysia, XOXO