Life is good

This past weekend was so full of inspiration that I couldn’t help but break away from the recipes and share some inspiring words with you today! Yesterday, I met up with my future cousin-in-law over at Bre Creative and we got talking about life and all things creative! Bre just happens to be a very talented graphic designer and entrepreneur and has been such an inspiration to me because she is SO talented and filled with so much passion and wisdom. Lately I’ve been picking her brain about graphic design since I LOVE pretty fonts and design…. anything with florals, pastels and a feminine touch makes me light up inside! We got playing around with some creative designs during our chat and came up with this gorgeous printable!

It was ultimately inspired by Bre’s mantra. Whenever she feels stressed out or down about life, she says these three simple words to herself…. “life is good.” Try it, it has an instant calming effect and reminds you that no matter what obstacles you might face in the day, there are so many things to be grateful for! I am totally adopting this mantra.

It’s such a good reminder to cherish the little things in life. I thought it was such a great mantra that I decided to offer it as a free printable! I will definitely be framing it and putting it up on the wall in my office to constantly remind myself that life IS good!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Download Printable Here

P.S. The gorgeous florals in this printable are from Angie Makes …love her stuff!

Elysia, XOXO