Do you ever struggle with knowing how to stay fit and healthy while juggling a full-time job and busy lifestyle? It’s a common struggle for many. Check out some of my top tips on how I find that balance!


TheLadders job search company is seeking out advice about how to maintain a fit & healthy lifestyle while working a busy schedule. Well.

I definitely know what it’s like to be busy. Trying to juggle a full-time job, side jobs that I take on just because I get crazy ambitious, fitness, friends, family, a relationship, meal prep, social obligations, and time-consuming hobbies (like blogging) is not easy, but it definitely can be done. Here are some of my strategies for maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Plan your Meals ahead of Time

For me, I’ve always been aware that what I eat is 80% of the equation when it comes to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. If I fill my body with junk, I know that I’m going to feel like junk. I’ll probably look like it too.

One strategy that works for me is to always pack a balanced lunch. Whether it’s the night before or the morning of, plan and prep what you’re going to bring for the day. Generally, I pack a lunch and 1-2 snacks consisting of protein and fibre depending on the time of my shift.

For lunch, I’ll either grill or bake up some chicken breasts, or make a batch of  these meatloaf muffins, which are a life saver! I’ll also make a big batch of brown rice, quinoa or sweet potato fries in advance to make sure that I have proper fuel. I can’t afford to konk out and lose all my energy half way through the day. And most importantly, I pack a big salad or some type of vegetable for the fibre and added nutrients.

For snacks, I’ll make a batch of homemade protein bars on the weekend or the beginning of the week to pop into my lunch bag. These Almond Butter Protein Cups are my absolute favourite bars! I know, right? Who says healthy eating has to be torture?!

Then I’ll throw an apple or some type of fruit and nuts in my lunch bag.  These spicy nuts make an awesome snack that you can make in bulk and store in a jar or container in the cupboard. Just grab and go!

Schedule your Workouts

With my job, I don’t work a typical 9-5pm schedule. My schedule very much relies upon the events or appointments that are happening that week. That means that one day, I might work 12-8pm, while another day, I might work 8-4pm, or another I might work 11-7pm. Because of my inconsistent schedule, it’s very important that I schedule my workouts ahead of time. Otherwise, guess what?

They ain’t gonna happen.

If I know I’m going to be working an evening shift, I go to the gym before work. My morning routine generally looks like this:

1. Get ready for work

2. Pack my lunch (food mentioned above)

3. Prepare and eat my breakfast

4. Pack my gym bag with work clothes

5. Pack whatever items that I need for work (I’m known to carry 5-6 bags to work since a large part of my job involves recipe prep, classes and presentations).

I honestly find that going to the gym in the morning is a lot easier than going in the evening because I have more energy. When I workout in the morning, I find that I tend to have a lot more positivity and energy at work (one of the perks of those endorphins!)

On those days where I work a day shift, I’ll pack my gym clothes and hit the gym directly after work.

I DON’T go home first.

If I go home, I’m more likely to talk myself out of going to workout. “I’m tired… I just wanna relax tonight… I really should work on my blog… “etc.

The longer you give yourself time to think about it, the more excuses you’ll come up with to justify not going to workout.

My advice? Pack a healthy pre-workout snack and don’t allow yourself the time to talk yourself out of exercising. Just go and do your thing!

Focus on your Goals

Last but not least, I focus on what I’m looking to achieve. I don’t rely on others to motivate me or allow the words of others to bring me down. I just focus on my end goal – to be healthy, fit and a positive role model for others.

Dig deep and find out what motivates you to be healthy and fit. That’s what will ultimately keep you going through the ups and downs.

What are some of the ways you stay healthy and fit in the midst of a crazy busy schedule?

Elysia, XOXO